Cleartronic – Practical Solutions for Real World Challenges

At Cleartronic, we develop efficient and effective solutions to operational challenges and to improve processes, communications and coordination where there is opportunity. We develop software and other tools for real world challenges and where there is opportunity for improved operations and response. Today our solutions are used nationwide and internationally.



Cleartronic, Inc., (CLRI) is a technology company that creates and acquires operating subsidiaries to develop, manufacture and sell products, services and integrated systems. Our solutions serve multiple markets including government, healthcare, schools and corporations

ReadyOp - ReadyOp Communications, Inc. is currently our largest subsidiary company with operations nationwide and internationally. The ReadyOp platform was acquired in 2017 from a private company and has shown steady growth in performance, clients and profitability since the acquisition. Currently the company’s ReadyOp platform is used by multiple federal agencies, many state and local agencies, hospitals, schools and corporations. The ReadyOp platform is a leader in planning and response by many government agencies. Additionally, the Company’s radio interoperability feature allows customers to seamlessly link a wide variety of otherwise incompatible communications devices and networks, including two-way radios, cellular phones, PDAs, and tablet PC devices into an integrated communication system.

Radio Interoperability – Our patented AudioMate line of radio gateways are used nationwide. These gateways provide the ability for our clients to connect radio talk groups and have true radio interoperability, regardless of radio manufacturer, frequency or location, including two-way radios, cellular phones, PDAs, and tablet PC devices into an integrated communication system.

We currently are developing and beginning to market other capabilities such as an active shooter alerting and response system and a secure. thermal scanning and facial recognition platform for access control and reporting and other devices. Both of these opportunities can be enhanced when integrated with the ReadyOp platform, thereby creating a better product for our clients and more market opportunities.