ReadyOp Communications, Inc. is our largest subsidiary and primary business currently. ReadyOp integrates planning, response, communications, radio interoperability and continuity of operations (COOP) in a single, web-based platform. ReadyOp is used by government agencies, hospitals, ports and airports, first responders, schools and universities, companies and unified commands for daily operations, alert and response actions, special event planning, incident management, and emergency response and recovery. ReadyOp is simple to use and designed for fast, efficient access to information, as well as the ability to plan, coordinate, direct and communicate with multiple persons, groups, agencies and locations.

  • Planning and Preparation – ReadyOp provides a single, secure location to consolidate event plans, rosters, tasks, roles, groups and more. Each organization has its own secure website to plan personnel, roles, operational and emergency plans, teams and groups that may be needed. Assets can be listed along with their location, person to contact and other information that may be needed. Diagrams, charts, maps, report forms, claim forms and other documentation can be securely stored, yet immediately available to authorized persons to share with individuals and groups. ReadyOp also provides efficient planning and response for the Department of Homeland Security's Incident Command System (ICS) and the corresponding Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) for healthcare.
  • Communications – ReadyOp provides multiple means for communicating with and between persons and agencies. Simple icons are used to initiate voice calls, conference calls, texts, emails, alerts, video and radio communications. Groups can be pre-identified or arranged ad hoc. Encrypted voice and video communications can also be launched via simple icons.
  • Radio Interoperability – ReadyOp provides radio interoperability enabling two-way radio conversations securely between radio groups. Talk groups can communicate securely with other radio talk groups, regardless of location, frequency and brand of radio. Two-way radio communications can also be extended securely to the smartphone or laptop of credentialed users.
  • Continuity of Operations, Continuity of Government – ReadyOp is an all-in-one platform for planning through demobilization. Authorized users have access to plans, agencies, assets, groups and more. With ReadyOp, users can communicate, respond and direct activities from any location via a laptop and Internet access. All communications are available including interoperable radio communications via secure login. ReadyOp provides a single, consolidated site for conducting continuity activities as well as communicating with individuals, groups, teams, agencies and more
  • Forms – ReadyOp provides the ability for users to design and use forms for communication and information gathering. Recipients can use direct links and icons can be created on smartphones to increase simplicity and efficiency of reporting. All submissions from recipients via ReadyOp forms are sent via encrypted messaging to the client’s ReadyOp dashboard.
  • Logging and History – All written texts and emails are logged in ReadyOp’s searchable history log. Phone conversations are not recorded, but participants and the times associated with calls and conference calls are logged. Search, retrieval and reporting actions are fast and efficient.

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